Gasket cork transmission oil pan

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.I just received the gasket cork for the transmission oil tray … but I don’t know if I should use some silicon or something to put it in place … if I should use silicon (permatex) … I should put it on both sides of the gasket … ??? thanks for your help … oh and I put a picture of the gasket …any suggestions is welcome…

Cork, dry, not too tight on the bolts (this only deforms the metal and does not make it seal any better) works well for me. I‘m not a huge fan of sealants and my transmission seals well.

Looks like paper.

I use either spray Hylomar or Loctite 515 in these applications.

Make sure the flanges of the pan are flat around the bolt holes.

I was gonna mention that: BEST tool to flatten them with, is a cutoff inner axle “paddle,” from a pre-67 VW.

It does look like paper!
Anyways the three times I used a cork transmission gasket (two times I actually reused what I had) they sealed fine, put on dry and not very tight.

Davis your right…it’s paper gasket…sorry :neutral_face:

:slightly_smiling_face:For everybody… …Now that I know I have a paper gasket … I would use some silicone or some glue … ???..

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A thin smear of RTV, just make sure it’s just a thin layer.

Hylomar is good, too.

And just nip up and leave for a short while before fully tightening up?

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Thanks so much… appreciate your help…


Yes: I usually let it sit for 12-18 hours, before fully tightening.