GAZ Damper settings!

(Ian) #1

Over the winter one of the planed jobs is to put a set of GAZ adjustable Dampers on my car , anyone already got them , and can give me a starting point for the settings .

I think the front may be more important as they will be inside the springs , so adjusting them may not be to easy ! damper22%5B1%5D

(The Jag Man) #2

Should be 36 clicks to those knobs. I found these too stiff for my driving style and I went back to Boge’s. You will be able to adjust them while on the car easily. Interesting that these have more rubber bushing on the top than the Boge brand.



Gerard must have much smaller fingers than me if he can adjust GAZ knobs easily. My thumb does not fit through spring. Index finger does just and just, but you would need two…
My settings are around middle of the scale, but I guess it is matter of taste. I recently read from this forum that someone is using just 5 clics from soft end and was tempted to try that, but because I can’t get my fingers to knob, I have postponed the trial. Some thin pliers might fit but it won’t be easy.

(The Jag Man) #4

We did spray the knob with penetrate and my beautiful Angela did the knob turning. I think she had to start with some needle nose vice grips. Go left and right at first to loosen up the mechanism. The higher the car is lifted the more of a gap between the spring loops. Your picture seems to show a car down on its’ wheels. Lift that up as high as you can and the job will be MUCH easier. We went all over the scale and just thought it was too stiff.


(tapped) #5

GAZ must have gotten the message because the new versions have slots cut into the knobs on the front shocks. My car is a ways from being on the road, so no input on what setting works best. I’ll start at lowest.

(TheoSoares) #6

Do these have any effect on ride height? The rear end of my Mk2 sits way to high since installing new leafs. Wondering if I could use these to lower it a bit?

(Andrew Waugh) #7

No, if you preload your springs by fitting short shocks all that you will do is damage the shocks or snap the mountings off the body.

What you can do is take the springs to a spring shop and have them press them. Tell them how much lower you want them.

(Ian) #8

Thanks for the feed back , I like to drive my cars fast into corners , have the uprated springs in the front , left in pic , not 100% sure if I fittead poly bushes to my dampers or not , if no I will by some for the GAZ ,


(Paul Breen pay palled it) #9

My PO fitted sexy yellow Kings springs to my Mk2, and Koni Classic shocks. It corners much better than I expected it would. Paul

(Ian) #10

Just had a close look at mine , looks like the bottom mount is in poly !
There is a slot in the adjuster , covered by the direction sticker .
Top mounts are quite hard , but rubber !
Only 21 clicks on mine !

(Jason Durno) #11

I recently installed GAZ shocks on just the back so far. I initially set them around 10 clicks from the bottom, so about half way. The car was bouncing significantly. I thought it needed more damping so I turned them in 4 more clicks and the ride got even worse. I then backed them off to about 4 clicks from the bottom and the ride is pretty good. Still a little bouncy for my liking, but I also have all new poly bushings and new SNG springs, so I’m hoping it settles down after some miles.

(Ian) #12

Would that be bouncy as hard , or car going up and down Jason !

(Jason Durno) #13

That’s what’s strange Ian, it felt like I was on a pogo stick bouncing up and down, boing - boing. It wasn’t like a really stiff suspension - I have experienced that on my BMW’s. But on the other hand, it rides better now on the softer setting.

(Ian) #14

Maybe is something to do with the design of the rear suspention layout , lets face it it’s not a normal set up on the MK2 , Axle in the middle of the spring would have been nice lol

(Ian) #15

Well I have got the dampers on , fittead the front , and took the car for a drive , as it is easier to work on, having the car turned road , felt more posative around the corners , will let you know how it feel with the back done , not taken it out yet , weather is wet !
Ps , sorry about the dust on the Axle :grin:

All 4 are 2 clicks to + from centre !

(Ian) #16

Took it out today for a test run with the 4 dampers on , like you said Jason bouncing up and down , I guess because there is no weight in the back end , mind you on the smooth roads it felt great , and a big improvement around the corners ,

Have rain now so another test will have to wait , but will take a sheet to lay on , as you can reach to adjust the back with out having to jack it up , so can play with the settings !

(The Jag Man) #17

Try going 4 clicks from the very bottom and see if that reduces the bouncing. This is why I switched to Boges. These might be great for the track but in for me they were too stiff.


(Ian) #18

I can’t be far off that Gerard , I went 5 clicks to - , will try that first , the front is great !

(Richard Dolan) #19

Thanks a lot for info

(tony) #20

find that I have to carefully test any such mods on the worst greasy roads,
dont want to find out in an emergency situation