Gear lever 140 DHC (without radio)

I have one that prior to my acquisition in 2017, had had just one owner. The gearlever (Moss box) Is straight and short., and would be original, unless the PO wanted a shorter lever. I have a 140 roadster, with the angled lever on its Moss box.
I would like to fit a longer lever, to make the shifting easier. I don´t feel like taking the seats, carpet, transmission tunnel Etc out in order to ease the 3 wire locked screws on top of the box.
What should I search for?

You don’t need to do all that just to change the shift lever. There is just one nut on the bottom end of the lever. Lift up the carpet and shift it into 1st gear. You should be able to get a wrench on the nut.

Agreed. Thatś why I want to just change the lever.
The other work, which I don´ t want to do, is for gaining access to the 3 screws at the rear of thebgearbox lid. Which screw is for 3rd and 4th?
One for R, one for 2nd and 4th perhaps, and one for 1st and 3rd…?

The one on the right is for reverse, the one in the middle for 1st and 2nd, the one on the left for 3rd and 4th. Adjusting them adjusts the tension on the detent balls to stop them as you go through neutral, so you don’t end up in two gears at once.

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Thanks, as usual, Rob.
None of the usual suppliers seem to have a longer gearlever, so the next step would be to have someone machine it, and then get it chromed.