Gearbox ratios - trying to gather together information

I am very grateful to Norman Lutz for his “gearsets” information - shown below.

I’ve also made up a table of the gear tooth counts (as far as I could reckon).

There are a couple of missing gearbox prefixes-

KGN - overdrive 4.2 XJ6 - 2.933 first (essentially the same as KFN)
KPN - overdrive 3.4 and 4.2 Series 2 XJ6 (after engine 8L22647) - 3.238 first
KB - 3.238 first (essentially the same as KM) - probably XJS

Note that the tooth count on the cluster/ mainshaft is the same for 2nd and 3rd in all four ratio types.

Gearbox.pdf (49.6 KB)
GEARSET - ALL SYN.pdf (268.8 KB)