Gearbox spring sagging, propshaft hit on lower crossmember?

(Mitchell Andrus) #1

'66 OTS 4.2

Out on a club run yesterday. When traveling over a wallow in the road I heard what sounded like the propshaft nicking the frame member below it as the engine became heavier on the rebound. I did notice there didn’t seem to be a lot of clearance when fastening the shaft to the flange.

I looked in the 4.2 parts book and couldn’t find a diagram of this lower plate and spring, but Terry’s shows upper and lower rubber pads as well as a rubber buffer that fits on the shaft. My car had only the spring so I ordered the set hoping this is the solution for the sound I heard.

Does this sound like a familiar problem to anyone?

(L.Lynn '68 OTS, '73 2+2) #2

Morning Mitchell,
On the Series 1.5’s they should have the rubber spring mounts on the upper and lower perches and the rubber donut as well. Some folks have suggested that the earlier cars may have had just the lower rubber perch and donut. I suspect this will solve your problem but I would take a close look at the engine stabilizer on the firewall and a good look at your motor mounts. If your motor mounts have collapsed it’s possible for your throttle linkage to strike the frame rail and cause a similar sound.

(Mitchell Andrus) #3

Thanks. New mounts up front and a-mid ships. I’ll get a look after the parts come.

(Norman LUTZ) #4

After installing the new parts, you will need to reset the stabiliser bar load on the firewall. There should be no load on the bush, just bring the lower washer into light contact with the bush then lock the top nut. That’s all their is to it.

(Mitchell Andrus) #5

Replacing the spring, 2 rubber buffers and the center donut did the trick - so far.

Went for a spirited burn tonight - no knock. The new spring lifted the rear of the trans about 1/4". The center stabilizer sat back to a neutral position.