Girling crossover numbers

I’ve got two Mk X’s I am trying to get brake and clutch hydraulic usable Girling numbers for. One is a 1963 3.8l and the other a 1966 4.2l . Obviously different systems.
Yes, I have the spare parts manuals for both but most of those numbers are useless and don’t match the actual numbers stamped on most Girling rebuild kits. Need Brake caliper kits front and rear. Brake master kits, clutch master and slave kits, brake hoses, and brake pads.
Suggestions Welcome.
Can anyone help?

please contact–wilwood brakes company in california. for help, advice, and the proper parts for your application.

Be careful in getting these parts. The early Mark X used a smaller wheel cylinder pistons in the rear end. I was once supplied with the wrong ones and 16 year old me did not realize it. They seized up and everything had to come apart again. If I recall, they may use the same seals as the early E-Type.

I recall ordering everything from S&G Barratt with the original parts numbers and had no issues, but this was several years ago now.

I had the Girling clutch slave cylinder re-sleeved and they provided the seals. Maybe a similar shop could be of assistance.


Thanks, Micah.
I guess the different diameters require different amounts of fluid movement to balance the system properly.
Never really thought about it that way as I thought the booster would handle small changes in capacity.
My MK X is a later 3.8L in the series.
I have a lot of time to spend with spare parts manuals I guess.

See attached from the 1980 Girling vehicle applications catalogue for the excerpt for the
Girling VEHICLE APPLICATIONS Jaguar 3.8 and 4.2 mk10.pdf (2.8 MB)
3.8 and 4.2 mk10s.
This, gives you the actual Girling part numbers as opposed to the original Dunlop part numbers as indicated in the FSMs
Note that the Girling parts are an absolute dead ringer match for the Dunlop parts.
I know, I’ve fitted them!
Also as a bit of history; Girling took over the Dunlop brake division in late 1965 and for a few years maintained production of the original Dunlop components.

I do have further Girling/Dunlop cross reference number lists if need be.