Glass, Trim and Interior Panel removal

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I am tearing down my 69 XKE 2+2 and reading up on how to remove the trim, glass and interior trim panels. Being a CA car all the rubbers are bad so need replacing. I started trying to remove the tailgate glass last weekend, the manual says to pry out the chrome strip but was not very clear on technique to minimize damage.
It is not covered very well in the manuals and parts are expensive if they get damaged so wanted to check if there are any special tools, tips and tricks for the following:

Windscreen - chrome trim removal, rubber and glass removal
Tailgate glass - chrome trim removal, rubber and glass removal, panel removal (hidden fasteners)
Door glass - removing window from door
Interior panels - hidden fasteners and tips/tricks to remove

I am finding some information in the archives but thought I would start a thread in case I miss anything.


The chrome trim is in two pieces, upper and lower and they ought only to be held in by the lips on the rubber seal. Maybe the seal is brittle so won’t let go or worse, maybe someone has glued it in.

Once you’ve removed the chrome trim, locate the rubber locking strip that was underneath it in the seal and pull it right out. Then, hopefully, the glass. or the glass together with the seal can be pushed out. The tailgate glass, unlike the windshield, is toughened so you’re unlikely to break it.

And don’t forget the two short pieces on either side over the join where the top and bottom piece of trim meet.

Do these two pieces you highlight in the photo need to be removed first or do you just start at the bottom and try to leverage the trim out from the rubber. I am assuming that the upper and lower trim sections push into these two little trim brackets so they cannot be removed without removing all the trim first ?

I would remove the clips as they cover the splices. They should come off with little issue. Then separate from there. You might also be able to determine if the PO used glue from that vantage point

Yes, what Larry said.

If you are going to replace the rubber, then you can use a blade to cut off one of the rubber flaps that hold the chrome. There will be a lot less pressure used to remove the chrome that way.

I agree with what Bill said. You’ll need to replace the rubber seal in any case so cut it out and then the chrome trim will come out easily. I just did mine and you’ll probably need to cut out the glass as well.

Assuming you are throwing the old rubber away, the way I did it with old brittle rubber was to cut the overlap off one (or both) side, less risk of bending the chrome. Just be careful with the knife!

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How does the interior trim that runs up the front door pillar and along the top of the windows ending at the rear vent windows attach. I am guessing its using the hidden metal fasteners that were holding the tailgate trim panel. Just want to be sure before I start yanking on it.


You have to pull the weatherstripping off of the flipper windows and above the door window frame You will find small slotted head screws which you remove to all the piece of trim to come free.

Managed to get out most of the interior now. There is one piece of chrome trim at the bottom of the door opening that runs from the A-pillar to B-pillar (maybe the chrome sill strip). As its attached to the top of the sill there is no access from behind and I do not see anything retaining it from the front so is this just a push on that needs to be prized off. It on tight and I have tried a little leverage to get one end up but don’t want to push my luck and break it.

Also, I am finding that the interior covering under the rear windows and over the inner wheel arch is applied directly to the metal with copious amounts of contact cement. Is this the way is was done from the factory or should the material be applied to hardboard or something similar like the other trim panels ?



Just done the same to mine…and it is bonded directly to the metal

“…one piece of chrome trim at the bottom of the door opening that runs from the A-pillar to B-pillar (maybe the chrome sill strip)…”

It’s held on with metal clips, just tap it off from the inside out using a piece of wood and gently hammer action gradually along its length…it you hit it too hard in one place you will bend/distort it.

… which if anyone wants, I have two NOS ones.

I’ll happily spend a stamp to send them!