Glove Box Latch


Can anyone tell me how to remove the ring with the two small holes from the body of the latch housing? I understand it is threaded but there is something in the vicinity of the holes that is preventing mine from turning. Please the attached jpeg file.
Thank in advance for any insight or advice.

Thanks for your reply Ian. I thought there might be a set screw or roll pin or something similar but I can see no way to remove it.
There are several posts about reassembling the internal parts of the latch, but I can find nothing about how the ring unscrews from the the body.

Interestingly, this latch is used on several different cars including the Daimler 240 & 340, MK I & MK II, S-Type and the Lotus Elan. None of these forums have any posts that shed light on my query.

Thanks again.


Please see attached pictures. I cannot see any way to tap anything out. The hole does not go through the body of the latch, only the threaded ring, and there is no access to that except from the outside.

I’m slightly confused by your pictures & situation, and my memory, but I have had the one out of my 420G.

If the only way to remove the lock from the glovebox door is to unscrew the ring, then thats what I did

I do not recall any difficulties.

That may mean that in your case, the ring has become locked by bi-metallic corrosion

being chrome, one doesnt want to force things, but there is a couple of ways

how hard have you tried to turn it ?

I have resorted to a punch and a hammer to resolve my problem.
The ring turned reluctantly, but neither part suffered damage and the latch is still serviceable.

I am at a loss to explain what function the holes in the ring perform or how the threads on the housing are damaged other than to render the ring immobile, thus ensuring the security of the locked glove box. I’m having a hard time believing that theory or that there is some procedure by which the threads are purposely damaged post installation.

Thank you both for weighing in and trying to help.

(Attachment is missing)


Pictures of ring removed from the latch body. Sorry they don’t show the thread damage in detail, but you can see how it lines up with the two holes.

typically, when I see 2 opposite holes, I suspect a tool is used to grip and twist

I have had issues with similar items seizing, and use anti-seize

if there is thread damage, a small triangular file can be helpful to tidy up the male thread