Glove box mods?

Before I start, yes I have done searches. I’m just wondering what people have done when their glove box latch breaks. Mines broken and it’s “uncool” to go to pull out and have it slam open lol :grin:

What part broke?

For some reason, I remember fabbing a replacement latch, the plastic sliding thing that retracts when you turn the knob. I don’t think it was because the original broke; I think it was because I wanted the latch to be a bit longer rather than having to space the catch down to meet it.

I guess the slider part. I just have a square hole on the inside. I’d take a picture of it,but I’m not home right now

IIRC, it was a rectangular block of plastic with a bevelled end where it strikes the jamb. Easy to fab. I think someone needs to post a photo of an intact one for you.

Maybe this will help…

Yeah, that milky white piece. I replaced it with a homemade black plastic piece perhaps 1/8" longer.

How about magnetic pcs like on refrigerator doors

I’ll have to look at it harder. I could see if it’s just that piece it could be fabbed fairly easily. Magnets might work too.

Why not just get the correct part from someone parting out a car with a glove box like yours? If you don’t have the Parts Catalogue for your car look it up on

That part is probably common with other years and models. Once you have a part number you can search for what is out there. Maybe people on this list with parts cars can help, if theyknew the part number. I usually try to find an identical part for my Jaguars when something breaks rat her than trying to :reinvent the wheel". :slight_smile:

Just My $0.02.


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I had considered doing just that, however most of what I’ve been seeing for sale is either, in my opinion,way overpriced, or they are selling the whole glovebox door for a decent amount. I am keeping my eyes open, but I thought I’d ask around and see what others might have done.

What is the part number of tge part you need?


It’s BEC10019. Shown everywhere as NLA

Only barely on topic here but… my '95 doesn’t have a glove box. Did Jag swap the space out for the passenger side air bag that year?

Send me dimensions…and I’ll work up the CAD and have the part 3D printed in ABS.



This would be the case for all cars with manufacture date past July 1993. In some Jaguar literature it will be called 1993.5, but in the US, it will be MY 1994.

That part number doesn’t match anything that I can help you with.


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I appreciate the offer, however I really have no clue what the dimensions of the broken part would be.

I appreciate your looking. I think I saw it was another one of the “only used on facelift xjs’s” parts smh

Ok so another number I found was BEC12507

BEC12507 is an XJ40 in addition to a facelift XJS part number. You might find someone parting out an XJ40 on eBay and willing to sell you that part.


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