Glueing in rubber seals *e.g., boot lid seal)

(Ronald Brown) #1

What is the best way to attach these seals? Contact cement, spray adhesive or what?


(Robin O'Connor) #2

I’m using Ados contact cement on my ‘S’ type saloon


(Andrew Waugh) #3

It helps to put the seals in a lingerie bag and run them through a washing machine cycle at 30 C (A bit of soap, and no fabric softener). This will remove the mold release left over from production. Lightly scuffing the surface of the seal which is to be glued with 120-180 grit paper helps too.

I use either a black PU trim adhesive, or contact cement. The PU lets you position the part easily, but you sometimes need to rig some sort of clamp to hold the rubber in place. Contact cement only gives you a bit of positioning time if you don’t let it flash off before fitting the rubber (Which can be impractical for a long strip).


(David) #4

The best glue that I have found is Barge Glue. You usually can get it at a shoe repair shop. This is what they use to repair leather, rubber etc. I keep a tube around for all kinds of repairs and I used it to glue the seals 25 years ago and still holding beautifully.


(Roger King) #5

Many of the seals on my '68 Mustang are simply glued in place. I used 3M weatherstrip sealant (I suppose the clue is in the name…) to fix them to the new paintwork 15 years ago, and they are still firmly in place, so that’s probably what I’ll use if I ever get near this for the Jag.


(Ronald Brown) #6

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.