Good Poly Suspension Bushings? XK150

So, I’m super disappointed to say I purchased a set of Poly bushings from Welsh in 2011 for the XK150 my Dad and I are restoring slowly… They literally sat sealed in their packaging (in an airconditioned closet) until we tried to put them on a couple months ago and crumbled as we went to tighten them down.

Before anyone says “Well they are out of Warranty”. Yes, you are correct. But I think we all expect Poly bushing to last under those conditions.

Can anyone recommend a good set they’ve used and would recommend?

Hi Scott…i have a set of the Black "Poly Bush"as supplied by sngb ready to go in my 150…used the same make on my E type with no problems…and SNGB have great customer service just in case…Steve

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Mine are rubber, 30 years old and holding up fine.

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If only we could still buy the 30year old rubber ones😉

Moss has them, C3003 and C3021.

Hi Rob…yes they do…but i doubt they are anything like the original “Jaguar” rubber…Steve

The originals were made by Metalstik.

Elastomer technology has improved in the past 70 years.
I bought some new rubber mounts from Moss recently and they seem fine.

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By the look of it, this are no Poly Bushes.
It it clearly dry out rubber ones.
The poly stuff if always shiny and somewhat clear ( even the black ones )

The rubber bushes usually look more rounded on the visible parts, don’t they? If they’ve dried out there are lots of little cracks. Maybe I’m wrong?

Basically, still going strong, and still in Leicester…

Rubber only for me, I’m afraid. I really don’t like polybushes - I feel the cars were designed to have some ‘give’ in certain areas and don’t like the change in stresses poly must induce. But I’m no engineer.

I cant speak for all Poly bushes…there are many different types and manufacturers…however befor going poly on my E type i spoke in depth to the tech guys at about their “Black” range of bushes…(as sold by SNGB)…then essured me that the black had as close as possible the same characteristics at tbe original rubber specifications but with the added benefit of oil/grease resistant…I decided to go poly as the rubber supplied by the usuals were mostly after market reproduction anyway…Steve

Gents, just to add my opinion, I have always used Superflex poly bushes on my classic cars. They have a full range for classic Jaguars. See: SuperFlex advanced polyurethane suspension bushes
I can’t praise them highly enough and have never experienced a problem in over 20 years of service.
Cheers, Jon.

I was very recently surprised and quite pleased to see that someone has already replaced the wishbone bushes with poly ones. No signs of any problems, and they were put on at least 5 years ago.

To Rob Reilly’s point, we have poly bushing on 2 120’s, ( my OTS & my brother’s DHC), and we just put old stock Metalastik bushings on the FHC. The car handles differently. Its important to note that poly bushings do not operate in the same manner as the Metalastik design. The Metalastik rubber itself actually flexes, and does the work. The poly bushings are not intended to bond completely to either surface, so it works differently,… there is no inner metal bushing.
I really like the the way my OTS drives with poly, not so much the case with the DHC poly bushings which must obviously be a different brand, and the FHC is a dream. I just can’t wait to get Michelins on instead of the Veredesteins for easier handling…
Off topic, but Vereds, (on 3 of our 4 120s) are terrific tires but the width makes them more difficult to turn at lower speeds. The Michelins on the OTS make things much easier.

And this is why i think we have a “polubush” problem…they are not all the same different manufacturers have different specs …if you are going to make a comparison then please specify what poly bushes you are useing…here is a photo of mine as mentioned in my post above…you can see the bonded metal sleeve…also note they squash like rubber as im pressing one… they operate in exactly the same way the rubber bushes do