Great start if you're jones'n for a DHC resto-mod or show car

Not something I’m looking forward to, my days of basket case rescues are over.

BAT basket case '53 DHC

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But… if I could pick it up for say …$10K…?

Oregon to NC is a long way to drive.

Rusty frame…

I’ll put you up for a night. Maybe even two. Neighbor has a swimming pool.

Don’t you love the spoiler wing on the front of the chassis?
clamps and pipe holding up the steering column
Conduit track rod
4 different brand tires
XK150 engine but looks like it has the 120 sump
120 FHC/DHC air cleaner stub pipes on the carbs
original trans
Looks saveable. Hope it goes to somebody sympathetic.

NOT A CHANCE. Not for $150.

A whole lot more car than I started with. My FHC had no interior, drivetrain, rear axle, or wheels. No regrets here, it was a great project!

Awwww, C’mon… Where’s your sense of the improbable? No longer a champion of lost causes in your old age?

Perhaps now that everyone is seeing stocks tank, it’ll go for reasonable money.

I had to do this to my last MGA project. Someone had ‘nosed’ it in the past and didn’t line it up with the hood in place. This wasn’t the worst part of that car. I’m getting kinda used to lost causes.

Absolutely, unapologetically, and proudly YES!

Been there, done that, got the ER visits.


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I note that the “Basket case on BaT” was sold for $15,050. They are currently showing an XK140 OTS and a Mk IV Drophead.