Grey goop at bottom of door!

Ok so i noticed on my 93 xjs when i bought it that there was grey sticky smeary goop at the bottom of my door cards. I kinda figured at some point one of the previous owners tried to “fix” something and went uber nuts with some adhesive. Flash forward to now and ive seen pretty much the exact same crap on at least three other xjs’s! Was this a dealer fix?

Faint recollection here of cars that had a sheet of plastic bonded to the door before the door cards were installed. Apparently to keep the door cards dry, I guess. The plastic always seems to be in the way when you’re trying to fix something in there. I seem to recall the plastic being stuck to the door with something akin to that grey goop.

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Yeah ive delt with the plastic dust barrier before on other cars, my xjs’s is foam. Ive just never seen the crap so loaded up on other, cheaper, cars lol

you sure it’s not grease?

Why would there be grease there?

I greased my locking mechanism and window motor arms when I was in there. Perhaps someone got overzealous with the grease?

Not grease. It is a grey goo (adhesive). All facelifts have it.

I just recommended to a new member (another thread on the good release) to befriend the archives, apparently all members must be reminded that the archives are there for us to use :-))))

The adhesive is akin to what one can find in the local hardware store under the brand name SikaFlex


Ooooh, Jaguar clearly applied too much of the stuff! It’s not supposed to ooze out, is it?

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It is not. But, after 25+, the material that was applied at the factory is completely “transformed” by the elements. When I got my car in 2010, it was bone dry. Now, 10 year later I begin the see signs of the goo to show up. Not as bad as the OP, but buy the same time next year… :-((

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I agree completely about using the archives. I have been on Jag-Lovers for almost 20 years and I use the archives regularly. I find them a valuable resource and a helpful and efficient way to do my research. At this point there are very few XJ-S/XJS matters that have not been discussed on this list yet many people post questions that have been asked and answered many times over. I guess they think it is easier that way. I can usually find the answers to my questions in the archives quicker and easier than posting and waiting for a reply. Of course that is not always true, but many times it is. I prefer to save my requests for help until after I check the archives.


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Thanks Steve! The really sucky part is that it transfers pretty easily! I took off the foam liner and then it started to rain so i laid it on the passenger seat with the goo facing up, or at least most of it, because when i went back out, there were a couple spots on the seat! Needless to say i had to use wd40 to get it to come off! Its almost as bad as antisieze! At some point someone got some on their finger and touched the top. Drrrrrrr

I usually do a site search and read through postings, but i must admit i didn’t this time. My bad

yep. My 95 coupe has the grey goop peeking out at the bottom of the door card

Man, this is another reason I’m glad I own a pre-Facelift! :wink:

Please Greg. Let’s not do that. Not the right time and occasion to discuss pre- vs post-facelift.

PS Next time I come to Seattle with my 6.0L, I will have you try it around the block, I am sure your perspective will change… :-)))

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I believe Jag calls those clear plastic sheets “rain curtains”, or some such. :roll_eyes: I always assumed the purpose of them was to keep any water that gets past the door card from getting into the electrics … :thinking:

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I think every car I’ve had and needed to take the door cards off have had them. The SAAB is the same age as the Jag and it has them attached by a black mastic type goop. After nearly 30 years it is still pliable and sticky enough to hold the plastic film in place, but stays attached as a firm bead along the door edge.

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My impression of that stuff is that it is very similar to “Liquid Nails” … I’m thinking at the factory they likely just lay a bead of it down around the perimeter of the door using a caulking tube (or gun) and then smash the plastic sheet down onto it going around the perimeter. :thinking:

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