Hand Brake cable attachment at back-axle

I am reinstalling the hand brake assembly on my 1960 XK150 FHC. The rear of the cable assembly is attached to the back axle tube by two ‘handed’ clamps. (C7875 and C7859) These are located on either side of the diff. and hold the cable at an angle to the axle tube (about 45 degrees). I have been trying to obtain a ‘fair’ run on the cable but the clamps always force the cable into a tortuous route. Viart does not help on this point.
Does anyone have any experience with fitting this assembly or know of any work arounds. Note: the clamps were provided by SNG Barrett, the originals had rusted off. Witness marks on the axle had been painted over.

Here is a photo I pulled off the internet at some point. The handbrake cables should run under the axle housings with the clips mounted close to the differential. My 140 cable is set up similarly without running afoul of anything.

Bob, These seem to be from a drum brake car. My car has discs and the connection to the activation lever is on the front of the axle necessitating a tighter turn.
Thanks for the picture.


Here are 3 shots of my July 58 150 ots handbrake bracket at the axle right side.
Cable goes over top of exhaust and attaches to front side of axle .

Moris, I see from this that your car has a clamp which aligns the cable parallel to the axle tube. Viart shows an angled clamp which seems to belong to an XK140. I ordered the Viart part from Barrett and thereby lies my problem.

Which angled clamp are you referring to ?
Viarts 150 book ,page 243 only shows the clamps you refer to.

Morris, yes and those are indeed the ones I ordered and could not fit. They would work on the car in the picture you sent me, which is a drum brake car, but do not work on a disc brake car. The XK150 requires a straight cut-out similar to the C7860 clip shown on the same page, but with a big enough bulge to take the brake cable outer sleeve. It seems Viart is wrong on this issue.

Yes the angled ones are for the 120/140 . You require C16940 @ $19.99 each from XKs unlim.

Or SNG @ 16.72. both are stainless.

Thanks for your help

Here is a photo of XK 120 back axle restored with what I believe to be the original handbrake cable clips for the 120 but they did change to solid for the 140 and 150…