Handbrake assembly

Was this really this much of a PITA or were we just missing something? We watched the videos and read the book(s), but geez.

Getting the nut on the back this nut was a nightmare.

Does everything look correct?

Yep looks good… I agree it’s a crap of a job calls for patience and small fingers… make sure the spring is activating properly when the handbrake is off … otherwise you’ll be cursing because of the red light on the dash… check circuit before putting in console and immediately after you fit it to make sure nothing has fouled… how do I know… don’t ask… but required lots of cursing as I removed seats radio tower and console to fix :scream:

I would second the notion of needing to be ready to readjust the brake switch. The problem I had doing this work was that installing the console affects the extent to which the handbrake lever can be depressed when released.

If you set the switch to deactivate at or near the maximum depression of the handbrake (console off) then you may find it will not depress far enough to deactivate the switch with the console installed. I went through a cycle of fitting and refitting to find a position that worked with the console installed.

Keeping this in mind prior to setting the final position of the switch possibly could save some time, i.e. setting it at the minimum position that disengages the parking brake even if the handle is not fully depressed.


It looks good to me and yes this entire assembly is a PITA. Also if you adjust the handbrake lever to have good braking, then it’s impossible to remove the console without loosening the handbrake bracket from the tunnel.

Yes, for a S1 console, I had to leave the handbrake assembly unfastened to get the console over it. Only after the console was fitted over the handbrake could I screw down the handbrake in place.