Handbrake brackets

I need help figuring out how these brackets mount on the rear axle / brakes. I have not been able to see how they are mounted in any book. 1950 XK120. Anybody can post a picture? Thank you

I can’t find these brackets on my 1953 120 FHC

Looks like they are an earlier fabricated version of the simple welded bracket shown on your backplates, Phil. I’ve just had to fabricate a new welded bracket as one of mine had been ripped off in a previous life. I’ve noticed some of the backplate locating holes onto the axle are a bit oval, too, which could be a problem. Anyone else ever see this?

Here is mine, RH side, late '51 car with ENV rear axle.

@Rob_Reilly as always, you are very helpful, thank you so much!