Harlem's Error Codes

I finally put my new fancy OBD II scanner onto Harlem’s link earlier today to see what “woes it shows”.
First off, there was a P-1000 (“pending”) code, which my scanner seems to indicate is a Jaguar-specific code and therefore could not tell me what it was for. Anyone know what that one is about? For some reason, I was thinking that P-1000 was a generic code that had something to do with the car’s drive cycles having not yet been completed since its last one, or some such (i.e. “not ready”), but maybe that one is “P-0001” ? :confused:

There was also both a “set” and a “pending code” that was like P-1670 (IIRC), which again is apparently Jag-specific. Is that the # that Motorupman said shows when a non-programmed key is in the ignition? :confused:

There was also a “pending” P code about the transmission, something about “Sensor A” of same having to do with “range/restricted performance”. Would this be what code would show if, as I suspect, a tow operator or some other person disconnect the outside cable connecting/linking the bottom of the shifter to the transmission (shifting “tab”) to be able to move the car around while in “park” w. no key available at the time? Remember, Harlem’s dashboard also shows some message about “gearbox fault - restricted performance only” when the key is turned to pos. 1, which I would assume is the same issue. btw, is “restricted performance” what Jag used to call “limp home mode”?

Finally, after having left the key in pos. 1 for a few minutes while checking this out (this was my first time using one of these better versions of OBD II sensor and I was excited to see what all it could do) I asked it to run its diagnostic check again on the codes and this time an additional generic pending one was shown, something about with the emissions control system and a vent in same being open (I don’t know whether than means “physically” open or an electrical circuit being “open”). I’m wondering if this might reference the infamous “Rochester valve” in same. If so, then isn’t it supposed to open up after the car has been running for awhile (although in this case the key was only in pos. 1)? If so, then maybe the code was a false one.

Tomorrow, I’ll clear the codes (off the scanner) and rerun the diagnostic test and see what it shows.
Also, I’ll make sure to have a pencil and paper ready to actually write the #s down this time :blush:

btw, when I put the scanner into “car info.” mode, it attempted to do so (after re-putting the key to the pos. 1 of ignition again) in order to, e.g., pull up make, model, MY and VIN #, etc., but after awhile it aborted and I got a message of something along the lines of “this function is not available in this situation” or some such … Well, it should be :angry: … I’m thinking that again, the unprogrammed key is not letting the scanner have access to that info. ? :thinking:

Just did a quick bit of searching online, and it was “interesting”, to say the least.

Appears I was right on the “P-1000” code, which = Jagspeak for OBD II system readiness status (i.e. the test cycles have not yet all been completed). However, one authoritative source shows that this code supposedly = internal fault with the ECM. wth??? :crazy_face: (think I’ll go with the majority on this one = the former explanation) …

And, oops, reviewing the posts, I see now that P-1260 is the code for unprogrammed key that Motorupman mentioned. I don’t remember that as being one of the codes, but it’s possible I’m wrong on that. If it’s NOT showing that code, what could that mean? Is it possible when the programmable keys are manufactured they have some kind of “generic” programming code # put into them, that might just coincidentally be the same as what Harlem uses (akin to getting a key that just happens to fit)? :confused:

Still searching as to the others … :computer:

O.K., I re-ran things today and this time wrote down the codes.

P1000 - as mentioned, this is an indication the car has not fully run its test cycles yet, so no problemo there.

P1674 - this is both a “stored” and “pending” code. This is a Jag-specific code. Anyone?

P0706 - interestingly, this is a generic pending code, not Jag-specific. It is in regard to the “gearbox issue” noted on the dash readout. The general meaning is something about a “Sensor A” circuit range/restricted performance matter. Again, I’m thinking this may be just the trans sensing that the outside linkage between the shifter lever and the trans. has been physically disconnected (if it in fact is).

As to asking the OBD II sensor to obtain my vehicle information, again it shows, instead, “selected mode is not supported”. This MAY be b/c of the key not being programmed, but not sure. ? Very interestingly, the code for an unprogrammed key (Jaguar P1260) though is NOT being detected by the scanner. :open_mouth:

Thoughts on all of any of this, anyone? :confused:

Ah, finally found out what the P1674 code is about: :bulb:

Linear O2 Sensor Control Chip (Bank 2)

Assuming that = just a bad O2 sensor, that shouldn’t keep the car from cranking, or even running, I would think, if that is the original reason for her no-crank condition. I have had a c.e. light and JDS code for a bad heated O2 sensor in my face-lift XJS for many months now, and I can’t tell that it adversely affects her performance in any regard (assuming it is not a false code). :confused:

Again, I would think the reason she won’t crank is b/c of my unprogrammed key. But strange that the sensor is NOT showing Jag code P1260 for it. :confused:

For the facelifts, a failed oxygen sensor could prevent the car from starting.

The ECU needs a good signal from the MAF, TPS, oxygen sensors, and the CTS to start into open loop. Then it will wait for everything else to allow it to go closed loop.

Interesting … then in fact that could be the cause of Harlem’s no-start condition, although I guess it would not account for the no-crank even ? Also, makes me think that Superblue’s similar JDS error code (again) in that regard is in error … :thinking:

It would crank without the oxygen sensor. Nevermind.

I guess we’ll find out when the tran. issue is cleared and the key programmed. Hopefully soon … :pray:

btw, I’m getting concerned about Motorupman … I thought he would chime in on some of this thread (and my other recent X-300 posts), but nothing of late on J-Lers … :slightly_frowning_face: Finally, I sent him a PM earlier today to ask him if he was O.K., but no reply still … They did have two bad storm systems (and twisters :tornado: ) hit his area recently and hopefully his place was not in the zone of destruction …

Well, for more follow up … A fellow X308 owner on “another forum” has confirmed that if the trans shift cable is in fact disconnected from the trans, that could account for the P0706 code, based on the possible list of causes in the Ford factory books (phew!). :relieved: