Head gaskets for free (taken)

I have a pair of headgaskets i don‘t need. Free for postage. I received these in a parts basket case lot for an E type, therefore I assume they are for V12? Give me a pm and I‘ll have them on the way. They are new, small knicks from storage.

Taken 20 characters.

Martin, these are not OE Gaskets. I’s check the bore size to make sure they are not for a big bore engine. OE bore size is 93mm.

IIRC, OE head gaskets are metal/fibre/metal sandwich. Payen head gaskets are fibre/metal/fibre sandwich – which looks like what these are.

Thank you gentlemen. Good point about the diameter. Do +.20, +.30 oversive have their own gasket diameter!? I‘ll point the new owner to this thread.

I don’t think you need a special gasket for 0.030" oversize – but I’m not sure there are such oversizes for the Jaguar V12. When things have gotten bad, you’re supposed to replace liners and pistons with stock bores.

What you need special gaskets for are enlarged engines, bores a few millimeters larger than stock. People often opt to go with copper gaskets because they can be reused by annealing them.