Headliner alternative materials?

(scrimbo) #1

I would like to replace my 88 xjs headliner…This might be a crazy thought but could the cloth be removed without taking out the fibre shell…and then replace with different material in pieces sort of like when a floor is done with carpet tile…sounds strange but this idea occurred to me that if carefully measured and the pile direction of the pieces were kept the same and the adhesive being extra tough…it would have to be thin and lightweight…there probably are products out there that might work…or has somebody come up with other options… even though it would not be original maybe there might be an improvement (in the eyes of the beholder)…I have never seen the shell so don’t know how smooth, etc it is…I have heard of putting metal bands across the roof to help hold material up which is reminiscent of GM cars in 1955-7 era and some other makes. Seems that this has all kinds of possibilities to have something a little different but subtle at the same time. Just another daydream that I have been cogitating over for some time…

(JLo) #2

I used Hull Liner material for mine.

(Michael Garcia) #3

…maybe a grid of buttons
like a plush button pillow…
every nine or twelve inches apart,
cloth buttons
about an inch in diameter

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #4

I don’t see how relining it in situ is gonna work, but I kinda like the buttons idea. That would keep it from landing on your head when the foam comes apart.

(Aristides Balanos) #5

I have done two headliners, my XJ and a Range Rover.
Stretching and gluing the liner is already a very delicate processes that could very easily go very wrong!
If you stretch it too much it will peal very shortly after but if you don’t stretch it enough your corners and negative bends will start folding…
If you want to do a decent job I can’t see how you could manage this upside down…

(Robin O'Connor) #6

I managed to install the headliner fabric in my S11 saloon directly onto the roof.
I removed all the cant rails and started at the front and worked my way back spraying contact glue to both surfaces, warning! Wear coveralls and goggles:)
In hind sight I would have installed some sound deadening first.

(Michael Garcia) #7

hot glue gun works well on fabric
and sets quickly
l would make incisions
to get the glue to the substrate
press the headliner up with a dowell rod that has a buffer that can be trimmed
like suran wrap
or thin plastic
then hot glue the button

start your layout from the center
measure and mark with a crayon
or something that can be erased
in case your off…

maybe have a friend help
if visualization is difficult
by pressing it up
four fingers
will begin to bring it to life…

(scrimbo) #8

Just what is that material