Heated screen switch

(Rodney ) #1

Hi all, I have a 96 XJR with heated windscreen. The centre console doesn’t have a separate switch(only defrost & rear screen) and I’m wondering if PO has changed heater controls as the handbook shows an extra switch.

(Andy) #2

yes, or a heated screen has been fitted and not connected up

(Rodney ) #3

Hi Andy, thanks for your input. I’ve checked the fuse box and both fuses are in place. When I changed the clock the plastic mounting panel was in poor condition so it has been out before. I’ll look out for a second hand panel.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #4

Perhaps the PO had the screen fitted and didn’t realise that he also required a centre console that had the switch installed!

(Rodney ) #5

We’ll know soon enough, I’ve ordered a heater control panel with the extra switch, fingers crossed.