Hello From Holland!

Here my new xj8 350.

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Welcome to the forums.


A house with a fire escape. Is this normal ?

Good looking car, Welcome

Welcome, Yoan. Nice to have another X350 owner on board. Your car looks magnificent. Give us some details please - Kms, year, engine? I also see that you have a “leaper.” is this OEM or did you fit it?

I am reminded of the bizarre scenario which arose as a result of adding an extension to a house. In the UK, building regulations now state that at least one window must be an opener and must be an ‘escape’ window, i.e. one that an adult could easily get through.

In our case, because of the sloping ceiling in one room, the window had to be slightly lower than it otherwise would have been. “Ah,” says the inspector. “You need to put a bar across that window, to prevent anyone falling out of it when it’s open.”

“So…the window must be an escape window but must also be somewhat blocked?”

“Yes,” he replied, completely dead-pan.


What is a leaper?

A leaper is the bonnet/hood ornament.

Its original OEM.

Bureaucratic bullshit! Just had a vaguely similar occurrence while reapplying for my firearms licence.
Rifle secured in a locked steel cabinet, deemed fine for the last 20 years now needs to be secured within the cabinet. Ok, chain to the steel framework with a large chain and lock. Rejected by the shiny bums because the chain was too large! Approved solution was to chain firearm with a smaller chain to a couple of eyelets in the ceiling, not steel cabinet. Much less secure.

Makes a monkey bite it’s mother! You wonder how these people got their jobs?