Hello "Greenie"

Hi Guys … I know, LTNS me on this particular forum … Being an XJS owner the last few years (and only XJSes - well, a couple of XJ8s too, briefly) I have decided to get me another X-300 like my beloved “Scrapper” ('96) I had many years ago for a long time. Seems the X-300s had the best features of all the models, IMHO … the bullet-proof AJ16 engine (well, almost as bullet-proof as the AJ6, b/c of those coil issues :roll_eyes: ), the bullet-proof ZF24H FOUR-speed transmission (not the disastrous 5-speed, as with the XJ8s :grimacing: ) and w/o the troubling self-leveling suspension, door handle issues, etc. of the XJ40s. :angry: And, of course, the car is easier to get in/out of vs. the XJS models. The only disadvantage, IMHO, is that damn parking brake handle sticking in the thigh as with all the older Jag sedans/saloons, but I guess I can put up with that P.I.T.T. in exchange for all the advantages … :person_juggling:

Anyway, my newest acquisition, that just arrived yesterday via transporter from S. FL, is “Greenie”. Only nickname I could come up for her, with her dark green paint and all. She’s a '95, with doeskin interior and about 91K miles on the clock. Inside and out, she looks very nice, no rust (spent most of her life in FL, other than a few years in MI in between) and runs very well. Her owner actually owns a very small car dealership in S FL, but has kept her around for 2-3 years … In fact, he even posted a YouTube video of her a couple of years ago, where he shows how he repaired her broken sunroof mechanism (an “Achilles heel” of the saloons/sedans equipped with them, I must admit :blush: ). What’s a really Twilight Zone moment is that I actually posted a comment on that video about a year ago. :crazy_face: Who would think that I would unknowingly purchase that very same Jag, a year later?

Anyway, I’ll be posting about Greenie on here from time to time. I still remember pretty much how things work with the X-300s, from my years of ownership of Scrapper (R.I.P. :crying_cat_face: ), although I may be a bit rusty. She did come with her full owner’s manual set (although it may have been from a '96 :confused: ), which helps out. :+1: However, after I lost Scrapper I deleted my X-300 factory service literature that I had kept on my computer. :angry: Still, the engine and transmission are pretty much the same as with Superblue, my '94 XJS 4.0, sans the 6 ignition coils, so that knowledge/experience should help out a lot in those areas of the car …


Anyone ??? I would like to think there are still many X-300 owners around … Please don’t tell me that’s not the case … :fearful:

Only just seen this post. WRT the hand brake I’m sure someone obtained a mechanism from a RHD car and fitted it to his LHD car.

I did just that with the first Jag I ever owned (“Layla”, my '88 XJ40 VDP… R.I.P.) … Got a RHD assembly from the U.K. breaker … took the seats out, peeled the carpeting back on either side of the trans. tunnel, and knocked out the metal blanking plate on the right hand side of the tunnel that is used when building RHD models. The RHD assembly bolted right up to the activation cable and all. :+1: Put back the carpet and seats, and I was good to go. I may consider doing something similar with Greenie later on down the line … :thinking:

Ahh i thought it might have been you but didin’t want to ‘accuse’ you :smiling_imp: