Help - Engine seized at 44k (dealer serviced)

Help…F pace 44k miles 2017. Juddered for 10 secs then engine died. Apparently it is seized and needs £10k to replace. Oil level fine, dealer serviced since new, no warning lights or issues beforehand. Only just managed to freewheel to side of the road.

Currently at Jaguar garage a week and £160 to diagnose ‘compression problems, metal bits in the oil and replacement required’. They are talking to manufacturers.

  1. What % would you expect to pay (full driving history available on the app)?

  2. is it better to trade as is and lease until whole diesel/petrol/electric debate plays out

What would you do?


I’m very sorry to hear of your troubles. Sounds like it could be expensive whatever course you decide on.

I’m assuming it’s a diesel.There have been a number of reported cases of diesel engine failures when only driven for relatively short distances. This seems to apply particularly to the 3 litre V6 but I think it is a general issue with larger ones. The explanation I have read is that because of the short journeys, the engine never really gets fully hot and any unburned fuel that leaks past the pistons gradually dilutes the oil until the lubrication system fails. If the engine is run to full temperature, the oil gets hot enough to evaporate the diesel but not if the vehicle is used mainly for short runs. Early warning signs are an apparent increase in oil level.
What to do about it is problematic. I think you will be very lucky indeed if Jaguar show any interest except if you had an extended warranty. If the vehicle is with a main dealer they may have more influence but I doubt it.
It may well come down to the arithmetic. Trade in value with a blown engine is not going to be very high and it still may be worth getting it repaired and then either continuing to use it or sell it on at that stage.
Sorry not to be able to offer any useful advice.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply Eric. Yes it’s a 2.0 diesel, not often used for very short journeys (we have a 12 year old mini with 50k mileage) that we run around town in.

I will update the post once we have a proposal and decide what to do.


I hate to say it IMHO
LEASE…The quality and computers are all out dated in 3 years time.
I thought the warranty was 5 years , 60,000 miles plus?
Go back and call the dealer
You just might save a ton of cash

Apologies if this update is posted incorrectly, I cannot discover how to update my original post.

The dealer has today offered 80% contribution towards the replacement today which makes repair rather than replace a more viable option. Albeit we will have been without a car for a month meanwhile.

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Why not 100 percent? its under the warranty miles and years?

Sadly it’s a 3 year warranty. We didn’t take up the option to pay extra and extend to 5 years.

Take the 80 percent OR
Will they swap you in a new car?