Help me get my 85 xj6 running after setting for 11years

Thanks for having this forum…I just bought a very clean 85 xj6 it was last drove in 2009 but was stored in a nice garage. .they said something about when they tried to start it last time.he got air in gas tanks if I understood him right…car was always very well maintained.i am the 3 rd owner.silver is bad about fading .but it was painted a year before stored and serviced it has the stickers still on tires…so I do think it’s just from setting for 11 years…any comments on how I should go about getting it started…I never worked on a jag…but fell in love with this car…the leather seats looks like new.i would greatly appreciate any help.or I sale it’s in w.v.$2500

Congratulations on your purchase. The ‘air’ in the gas tanks the previous owner referred to was probably the sound of air escaping from the tank when gas cap was opened. This is common on these cars, especially if tank is less than half full & the car has been sitting for a long time. I’d be concerned if there is any rust in the gas tanks, you may want to drain and refill them before proceeding any further. I don’t understand how the tires still have stickers on them unless wheels and tires were mounted on the car in his garage. You’d also be wise to drain and refill the engine oil as well as the coolant in the radiator before proceeding to start up the car. Just curious… what color is the interior?

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Falling in love with the car, and then offering it up for sale at the end of the appeal? Sounds like the car was pratically given to you, and you know it will be worth more if it runs and drives. There is lots of work here, and if you are not prepared to spend thousands to get it running, you should just take what you can get for it and let someone else sort it out.

I agree wholeheartedly

Welcome - pull the spark plugs and put a bit of oil in. Don’t overtighten them. Put the transmission in drive and crank the engine, the starter will not turn, but the fuel pump will run. Listen for the relief valve at the front of the fuel rail opening. Replace the fuel in both tanks including the last bit from the drain bolts underneath, careful, about what - 12 gallons each? - and clean the fuel lines, new tank gaskets and filters, fresh fuel, then, crank it and report back. Don’t forget to check the oil level. Read up on jacking the IRS especially.
If it starts don’t let it idle too long, replace brake fluid and see if all works well enough before you drive it.

David, you are being much too kind with this one, and I seriously doubt he will follow anything you have said.

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Very few assholes on this forum, the two above are not. You must have caught a bad day, let us know how you proceed.

Most questions will clear up using the search function and narrowing it down to #xj, or often #e-type will have answers.
As you’re being new, you‘d better edit your response quickly because that one isn’t going to end well otherwise. And since you don’t know either of them an apology would be in order.


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I was offended to read in your second post ever on Jag-Lovers you used foul language. I flagged your post as inappropriate and informed the list Admin. You should be hearing from them soon if you haven’t heard from them already. Over the past 20 years I have given technical advice freely on this list to hundreds of members, many with the same issues that you are having with your car. The only advice or help that I am willing to offer you is to watch your language.




This sounds to me like someone who is trying to flip a car and looking for advice on increasing the value but first impressions are often wrong . If William is really interested in owning and operating a Jaguar perhaps he could apologize for his language and start again , with an introduction, a bit of info about himself and some information about what he has done with the car so far and questions about further steps. If not, probably best if he just goes his own way. Hopefully he is the former.

Wow this thread got off to a good start :crazy_face:
Lets see, To get it running the easiest way with limited knowledge.

  1. Drain the gas from both tanks with a pump if you cant get underneath and drain.
  2. Add a gallon or two of high test gas , not much more in case theres a leak at a hose or tank.
    Remember theres two tanks and hit the switch to make sure they both work.
  3. Remove battery and clean the terminals, find a cheap battery or old battery just to see if she cranks.
  4. Check oil color and level. No need for a oil change unless theres nothing on the stick.Right now you want to crank it safely.
  5. Check antifreeze, look at cap if theres crude like a blown head gasket.
  6. Turn crank with a socket, if you cant reinstall battery and turn the key.
    dont pump the pedal on xj6 fuel injection…
    Lastly tighten the fuel injection elbow clamps so fuel wont leak on the manifold and go boom.
    Good luck.
    Hope this helps
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Why “high test”…?

Just my suggestion
If you like use whatever you like

Shouldn‘t really matter, I‘d get standard ethanol fuel and flush the lines before. It might pick up some humidity on the way to the intake - but no, doesn’t change a bit. Just like with the oil, first it has to work, then you can consider higher grades.
All good points
Crank with socket (33mm or equivalent inch, or ¾ whitworth all the same)? I‘d bump the starter, will be fine!

Your first post was most relevant, David - standing that long; it is highly likely that there is rust in the bores…

Removing the plugs, oiling the bores, and leaving the plugs out and coil pos disconnected. Some vivid cranking, adding more oil to the bores, will clean out the bores with minimal risk of damage.

I would also change the oil and filter first - the old oil is quite likely in no fit shape to be run through the engine, and starting the engine will require new oil anyway. Throwing a cover over the head to catch evicted oil will keep the engine compartment clean in the process…:slight_smile:

The he can connect everything up and try starting…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Evidently better. Responding to negative and maybe not ideal comments with a whole flood of unjustified insults? Good bye William. Let’s not waste time here folks.

Oh. Important note, while you are sending a mail in response to me, this is all public on the forum, should you think all that was private, it wasn’t.