Here's a couple of mine

still miss my '76 Bonneville
looking for pics of that and my honda chop
the turbo roadglide gets down the road pretty good


found a pic of the honda chopper, still putting it together…slowly

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looking good,thanks for sharing!

What engine mods/EMS does the blown Hardly have?

harley race tuner with a bunch of mods. see below

Turbo and Dyno Tune by Nick Trask w/Trask Performance in Phoenix.
runs about 6psi at full throttle
95" motor
Bearing cradle added to left side -crank trued and welded - Timken conversion.
Andrews 37" Gear Drive Cams
Fueling Cam plate
Fueling Lifters
Fueling High Capacity Oil Pump
Screamin Eagle Adjustable Push Rods
Auto chain tensioner
Oil Bud oil cooler
Bagger brace
Progressive 440 HD shocks
Sta Bo swing arm bushings
Race Tech springs and Gold valves in forks
Front Brembro Brake conversion
Pirelli Night Dragon tires