Hey guys rear hub questions

Hey I’ve got an 89 xj40 that the drive shaft has seized in the hub and I was wondering if the X300 hub assembly will be right for the xj40 as I have been unable to separate the shaft from the hub, and it has broke three pullers now and still hasn’t moved at all and I’ve unbloted the shaft from the diff to see if it was needing space to move back but just broke the puller again and ive tried hitting the aluminium block before I unbloted the drive shaft and still zero movement and it was with a 4lb lump hammer as well. I just want to know if the X300 hub assembly with go onto the xj40

Harry …

What’s your VIN and is it the left or right hub ?

It’s right hand drive back drivers

Harry you need the last 7 numbers of your VIN to see if the part numbers for your car’s and an X300’s hub are the same. Is it the left or right hub ?

I would say the car is too early for an X300 to fit without work. From memory the hubs on the early cars were ambidextrous.

The main problem is the ABS sensor. The hubs may be different for the brake caliper mounts? (I forget)


And brake calipers were different from the 1988,1989 vs. 1990-1994, meaning the hub mounting ‘ears’ were different. I imagine it would be unwise to have 2 different calipers on the rear wheels.