High Beam for switch installation

Hi Brains Trust.
Can anyone offer me any help as to how the rear of the high beam switch should look on a mk2
Mine has completely open wires and very long bolts and a weird plate.
See pic
Parts manual doesn’t say much. If anyone can offer a pic of the rear of theirs would be much appreciated.

Is this the back of the dip switch? Must admit I haven’t looked at my ‘S’ which would be the same config.

Yes that’s the back inside engine bay. Looks like it should have a cover or something but can’t see anything on SNG etc.

Never seen the switch on the outside.
It should be on the inside!
On all my 4 cars they are on the inside.

Same as on MGA, indeed inside!

Not so on a Morris Minor. Screw connections all outside just inboard of the wheel well on both my Minors, one of which owned for 60 years and never had an issue but sure looks like it would be a corrosion and bad connection situation. On my Jaguar 3.8S totally different switch all inside under the carpet.