High fuel rail pressure

I keep getting error code P0193. Must be accompanied with my heavy foot as it never shows when the wife drives the car. Car is a new to me 2008 XK with about 30K miles. PO replaced the fuel pressure regulator twice (first replacement claimed to be defective) a little over a year ago, so must have been a persistent problem. I am thinking an 11 YO car with only 30K miles must have been sitting at some point creating a shellac problem? Thoughts?

Check/change the fuel filter.

Looking at the code that is for high pressure? If it is then I don’t think the fuel filter is going to cause that, it would be more likely to cause a low pressure reading I would think?

Have a read of this thread, it may help.

Did that

Randy Brand

Symptoms for that code,

What causes the P0193 code?

  • Low or no fuel
  • Wiring that is exposed, broken, shorted, or corroded
  • Connectors that are corroded
  • Fuel filter that is clogged
  • Defective fuel pump relay
  • Bad fuel rail sensor
  • Defective fuel pump