Home at last MK IV Saloon

5 years ago I came up with the brilliant idea to restore my 80;000 mile original MK IV. First restoration person died in the middle of the process. Fortunately was able to find most parts and continued on with another respected restoration person to “put the car together.” Then on to a British expert for electrical and final mechanical assembly. Car is absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. Final detailing and cleaning and polishing makes her look as if new… Will take pics with my good friend Roger McWilliams and post them soon. Thanks to all for the technical advice, parts sourcing etal during the process. Think I’ll be buried in her. Was fun and a struggle at times if not totally exasperating. Think this will be my last major restoration project. Think I’ll just enjoy the ride. Speaking of ride the excelsior radials are wonderful.probably my imagination but the car seems to ride and handle 30% better than before.

Special thanks for keeping Me sane to Roger McWilliams and to Dennis Tull for opening up his garage-with 2 Saloons that gave us infinite wisdom when we needed a visual or had to machine parts.

Gust Nelson


Hello Gust,
I am glad to hear that you completed your car. It is a kind of addiction, so in six months don’t be surprised if you find another challenging project.

You we’re invaluable

Hope you are going to post some pictures Guss.
Great stuff for finishing the project.