Hood (soft top) colour & rust issues

Hi Guys,

Going to look at a Carnival Red car for sale, which has a black hood. I thought these would all have had a tan or fawn coloured hood, but the vendor reckons it’s original although not certain as he’s the third owner. 72k mile car, always garaged. Any thoughts on this?

As to rust issues generally - floors, rear wings above bumpers, etc., it seems to me that remedial work is pretty much inevitable eventually unless a low mileage, heated garage, never out in the wet car can be found. Am I right?


BOTH of my 2000MY XKRs have black hoods.(Anthracite and Platinum body color cars)

You could likely order the car the way you want the Body, Interior and Hood when ordering the car new from the factory.

Thanks for that, all noted !

Hi Anthony,
This is my car, Japanese import into New Zealand. I have no idea how well or not it was treated in Japan, but the underside is clean as a whistle, no rust, no leaks. I’ve owned it 6 or 7 years, don’t use it a whole lot, but it does go out in the rain if necessary. Doesn’t leak a drop inside, wind noise and draughts non existant. As I mentioned previously, I had the timing gear done, and I have changed the front lower shock bushes, upper and lower rear shock bushes and the driveshaft doughnut. Front balljoints are planned, but not yet required, not expensive. So far, so good. I think the XK8 may fare better in the rust department than the XJS.