Hoodwinked—short tour thru garage wall continues

Now that I have resolved several issues since penetrating the garage wall I’m left with a slightly crimped hood which after a struggle by someone who knew what they were doing I’m left with the paint etc.Nobody locally wants to touch it so I’m taking it down the mountain to SC.I’m taking the hood only.Advice—is it best to take the hinges out of the firewall or unhinge from the hood?Thanks as usual.Further to come about the ammeter saga as soon I complete fiddling with it.

In my experience, you will encounter far fewer re-installation adjustments, and avoid retrieving the threaded mounting plates, by removing the hinge fastenings from the bonnet, not the firewall.
Good luck.

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Maybe use masking tape to exactly mark the location of the hinge edges. This could help on realigning upon reinstallation

Exactly what I did when I removed mine to redo all the wiring harness.