Horn circuit Question

My 1994 XJS 2 plus 2 has been disassembled for several months while I replaced the A/C evaporator. Now that I am re-assembling the car, I seem to have misplaced a piece of the steering wheel assembly. The repair manual refers to it as a “horn contact tube” held in place by the nylon nut on the top of the steering wheel shaft. I have included a picture of the area where the item goes, but I don’t recall ever removing it. Can anyone please provide a picture or describe the item. Better yet, advice me where I can obtain a replacement.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Ron W

I don’t have a photo but I am sure I have one laying around from steering wheels I have removed.


Wheel pic looks different to my cars, l suspect maybe a change for facelift cars and a manual reference to earlier parts layout.
That shaft does not appear to be as hollow as l remember and brass contact is not familiar.

That particular horn contact system was thankfully abandoned by Jaguar around 1990.
Your 94 uses a black plastic horn ring with brass contact ring like most modern cars.
If you don’t have one I’m sure I can find one or two in my parts bin.
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