Hose clamps for brake and clutch reservoirs and vacuum lines

Does anyone know of a source for round head screw clamps for our clutch reservoirs and vacuum lines. I got a points deduct at a recent JCNA concourse for hex heads.

I know what I’d do!!..… however if cheesehead or roundhead …… why not buy standard nut and machine screw combination and swap them over…… you may need to zincplate them first

Try SNG they had some a while back. However the top clamp on the bottle reservoir is a 9/16, BUT the bottom clamp on the pipe is the very rare 1/2. Also try EBay they are referred to as fractional clamps.

Here is a listing for some so you can see what they look like.

They are not the screw clamp but rather the nut and bolt style for the brake reservoir and vacuum lines.
For full disclosure, this is my EBAY store but the pictures will show the style of the proper clamps.

Awesome thanks so much

Do they have cheese heads or round heads

I’ll add my recommendation for the clips offered by @Dick_Maury . I bought a number of cooling and vacuum hose clips from him, and all were in excellent condition and at a fair price. Good guy to deal with, and nice to keep such business within the little Jaguar community.

The heads of the bolts are flat and round with a slot. These could be referred to cheese head or round head as both are round. The nuts are square and are captured by the fold of the metal so to tighten, you turn the screw without having to hold the nut from turning.

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