How are These Oil Pressures

The car is a 76 V12 Series 2 Coupe.

How to these oil pressures sound - measured off the dash gauge - oil pressure light does not come on but tests ok.

Idle (850rpm) 10psi.
1000rpm - 20psi
2000rpm - 40psi
3000rpm - 50 psi
Higher revs - 55 psi

This means that driving around town with low engine revs oil pressure is less than 40psi.



Same as my SIII V12 XJ when the engine is fully warm.
And there lies the problem of the by-pass cooling scheme…

Hi Garry,

IMHO that’s perfectly normal.

In my 1975 XJ6C (different engine I know) the oil pressure warning light comes on or flickers when the AC kicks in at idle.

In my 1972 V12 E-type I had no other issues previously, but in 2018 had to switch to Penrite Classic Lite 20W-60 as the normal 20W-50 mineral oils I had been using could not take the heat of the German Autobahn in the summer. The oil pressure started to drop if I dove faster than 180-190km/h for a longer period. With that Penrite oil I can keep the needle beyond 200km/h for half an hour and no problems with oil pressure. Unfortunately last time this September when we were coming back from the Goodwood Revival I had some dust in the air filters so I did not have enough power above 200km/h at 5.000rpm. (125mph)

I think Jaguar had specified somewhere that as long as you have 40lbs at 3.000rpm and above all is well.



Wow, what’s your fuel consumption at that speed?

Oh, the pain! :joy:

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Yeah, it was a bit embarrassing as I had my cousin’s son (who is older than I am) as my co-driver and I would have really liked to have hit 230km/h. Well you can’t always win, not even every day! :wink:

Cheers! :beers:

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Not sure exactly that moment, but the V12 has enough power and the E-type rolls well so normally I don’t see any change in mileage. Just like with my 456GT the mileage is at it’s worst if there is a lot of stop and go driving, city traffic etc. But despite being ancient the V12 E-type is better in the city regarding fuel consumption than the 1995 456GT.

I keep a log book and have almost never exceeded 20l/100km.

We drove from Bognor Regis UK to Stockholm, Sweden from where we took a ferry to my home town Helsinki, Finland. The whole trip from Sept. 4th until Sept. 13th was 3151km long and the return journey was almost exactly 2000km in three days and average fuel consumption was between 16.6-17.1l/100km.

On small roads in Sweden where the limit is 80km/h with the hood (top) up I have gotten below 12l/100km but city driving can easily exceed 19l/100km.


Well thanks for the confirmation that those oil pressures seem OK - are lower than my Etype.