How do You mate T5 yoke with Jag driveshaft?

As topic title says - I would like to learn how can this be done. Do I need some special universal joint cross bearing or a welder is involved ?

Any good driveline shop can get this done: it’s not really a DIY job.

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… provided I can find one. But still - how it’s done ? By chopping original driveshaft & prepping different end ? Am I right thinking that T5 has driveshaft length compensation built into output yoke, so the remaining driveshaft can be just a single solid pipe ? Or maybe I could use three UJs (i.e. use intermediate flange) ??

Generally speaking, if you need to shorten the shaft, it’s fairly easy: they chopped the shaft to the right length and then use whatever yoke you need on whichever end. There are a myriad of different combinations like that and all you need to do is provide the length And which kind of ends you need.

Go to a specialist driveshaft shop.

90% of their work will be trucks, so that’s a good place to start looking.

Combo u-joint? They make practically any combination, but if you need to shorten the shaft, yes a driveline shop is in order.

Thanks for all replies, but I’m not sure if this will be enough to discourage me from stage 1 DIY experimentation.
Still my doubt is whether T5 yoke end piece is designed to compensate driveshaft length variations, so all I need now is a single rigid pipe with appropriate ends ?

My rough measurements show that T5 is maybe 2cm shorter than Moss box, so maybe I could use original Jag m/t driveshaft with some kind of interconnect to T5 yoke … ? But then - there would be 2 sliding contraptions.

Lesio, the transmission yoke is splined to allow for slight movement during operation, and to allow installation I think, not so much to compensate for driveshaft lengths (well maybe to a certain extent). A little research on the subject…

T5 has a splined, slip-yoke style output shaft typical of what would be used with a one-piece driveshaft. The original Jaguar gearbox had a fixed length, flanged output shaft of the type that would be used with a two piece driveshaft which includes a slip joint. You can buy T5 yokes made to accommodate various universal joint cross shafts. The same goes for the driveshaft yoke. I don’t know what county you are in, but in the US, this can all be bought new, for not a lot of money. The Spicer 1310 cross is widely available.


How about a spacer? Is that allowed or do the longer bolts then required make anyone uncomfortable?

But 2cm is not a problem for a slip yoke I‘m sure.

2 slip joints, I agree that this will wobble around and would not be a good idea at all.

Thanks for all the info. In Poland the subject of T-5 is next to nonexistent.

So theoretically it seems that there may exist a T5 yoke that would directly connect original Jag driveshaft (including the slip joint) with a T5, thanks to it’s correct length and appropriate cross joint size… Interesting, this way I’d skip the custom driveshaft. If I could only locate one.

For now I can only do rough dimension estimations - as engine, all the transmissions I have and driveshafts are lying on the floor, while pumpkin is in the car. This makes things harder.
But still I need to define first strategy with these, so I keep asking … never been there.

Do not cobble up a system containing more than one slip joint.

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T5 in a XK120, shown with the slip yoke in place and removed. This requires a one-piece driveshaft.

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Jaguar gearbox and driveshaft, from the same XK120. The flange is fixed, and the slip-yoke is part of the driveshaft.

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Chrysler tailshaft housings, both fit the same model automatic transmission. The fixed flange tailshaft (right side) fits trucks, and is used with a central carrier bearing that incorporates a slip joint between 2 driveshafts. The long housing contains a slipyoke and is used with a one piece driveshaft.

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Found this interesting link regarding u-joints. Now I know I have a 1350 in a T5:


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Thanks! That is a valuable link.

I don’t usually read saloons section but am glad to have noticed this thread

I have, stored far away, a yoke and T5 compatible friction plate, both brand new. A conversion project that got abandoned a decade ago

The friction plate was from uk (Watjag - now long gone) and the yoke from a US supplier. Both new and never used. I’ll try to find part numbers if you’re interested. May be a few weeks or month before I can get to them but I should have pictures or the receipts

Actually I have already mounted the clutch and my T5 tranny does have a yoke.
Mystery begins after the yoke.
Now knowing that I shouldn’t use two sliding parts I guess I will be making a new one.

When you do, post them in the classifieds: I’m sure you’ll get some great interest there!