How good is an F-type or any newer Jaguar?

(Ole Würtz) #1

I inquired about an extended warranty insurance for my 2015 F-type at Jaguar last week. Basically they broker an insurance that cover almost the same as the factory warranty up to a maximum mileage and a set number of years.
The insurance was significantly more expensive than what I paid for my Audi S5, which in 2013 was for a 17.000 miles car covering 7 years/100.000 miles for $3,200.00. Jaguar wanted $4,800.00 for an 11.000 miles car covering 4 years/75,000.00.

I’m trying to find reasons why it seems so much more expensive ? Does a Jaguar or in particular an F-type fail that often ? Is it expensive to repair ?

Is it worth it ?

Thanks … Ole

(Gunnar Helliesen) #2

I haven’t had that many problems with mine. I bought it new in 2014. The filler neck was originally too constricted, making it difficult and time consuming to fill gas, but they fixed that in later cars. And mine got fixed on the warranty. The battery died after only about a year. Again, fixed on the warranty. The valve in the exhaust system that opens up the “good noise” got stuck, also fixed. I had a problem with the transmission control module that turned out to be caused by a third party ODBII device I had plugged in, and wasn’t Jaguar’s fault.

The navigation system just sucks, and can’t be fixed. I never use it anymore, I use Waze on my cell phone. This isn’t a reliability issue, and of course doesn’t detract from the joy of driving the car fast on a windy road, but it still annoys the heck out of me. For a car this expensive to have a navigation system this poor is inexcusable. Same goes for the interface to the entertainment system. The sound is great (IMHO, I have the Meridian system), but the interface is beyond bad. And what’s up with having nowhere to stash my sunglasses? Come on, Jaguar!

Repairs: I know that a new convertible top for mine costs $12k, so I’m dreading the day. I find that to be ridiculously overpriced, but then again, these cars are produced in relatively low numbers. So, there’s that.

I had to purchase a new side door mirror glass (long story) and was told it cost $400 (for just the glass). I found a 3rd party mirror glass for my car for about 1/10th of that, but ended up buying the original Jaguar glass anyway. The reason it was that expensive was because of the sensors for auto dimming, for blind spot monitoring, and for one more thing I can’t remember now. The 3rd party glass didn’t have any of that.

The body panels are aluminum, so I don’t even want to think about how much they would cost. The whole nose cone is basically one large piece of plastic, so the same goes for that. But other than the transmission control module issue, which turned out to not be Jaguar’s fault, I’ve had none of the typical British car “gremlins”. Knock on wood. This F-Type beats the @#$^% out of previous Jaguars I’ve owned in that regard.

As they say though, your mileage may vary.


(Ole Würtz) #3

Thanks Gunnar. I’ll keep your reply in mind when It comes to deciding on the warranty, but I’m leaning towards not needing it.

(Paul Wigton) #4

Never found a better GPS.

(Ole Würtz) #5

I will agree that the GIU of the GPS is among the worst I’ve ever encountered. The traffic information which is broadcasted over the HD radio channels in the US is also no where nearly as comprehensive and up-to-date as Google/Waze.
Have you found a holder for the phone that will keep it in the gear selector area ?

Cheers … Ole

(Gunnar Helliesen) #6

No, but only because I don’t really want it down by the gear selector area. I keep it up just above the built-in screen in the center dash, to the side. It’s attached via a suction cup to the relatively flat area above the screen and below the pop-up vents. This is the holder I bought:

It seems sturdy and the suction cup hasn’t come off yet, even in the California sunshine.


(Ole Würtz) #7

Thanks, I’ll check it out