How much is fuel/petrol where you live?

The prices of fuel have dropped world wide. I personally saw $1.49 per USA gallon and the news noted a place in Denver, Colorado USA that was selling at $1,00 per gallon. Problem is I am not using any fuel with no where to go with the quarantine in effect.

Loveland, Colorado USA

Haven’t filled any of the cars (3) in six weeks, it’s like a bald man winning a hairbrush :frowning:


Same as when I was a teenager: gas is cheap… and Im grounded…!!!


In fact, Ive been able to get out, to shop: i just paid $1.39, in Greeley.

Going to level 2 next week which means we can go for a bit of a drive, be great to get the wife out of the house, she is going stir crazy with the stroke, no work and stuck at home.

$3.25 Oregon Regular fuel price

Converting to USD and gallons, in Finland we have now $4.49 and it was $5.78 before corona. Mostly taxes, so low oil price does not show 100% in gas price.
Here we can drive as much as we like, Corona situation is not too bad, only 46 deaths per million (USA 230 dpm, UK 460 dpm, Sweden (our neighbor) 298 dpm. Almost all places are closed though, so even we can drive we can’t go anywhere to eat, visit etc.

UK , its around $7 a gallon ., and every 20 USA gal is about 16 1/2 UK gal :unamused:

In Australia we have a large variation in fuel prices. despite many Govt inquiries the oil company’s are too smart.for the Govt.
We have seen a massive fall in the pump price of unleaded less than $1 Aussie per litre but this price is mostly in metro areas. Today I paid $1.43 per litre for 95 octane.Our town has never had cheap fuel.
David Bruce.

Wow, that is cheap.
Here in the Netherlands we pay now about $ 5.17 a gallon ( was almost $ 6,19 before Corona )

Peter Jan

Seems like you all need to drive to this part of the world and fill your tanks!!


Average in Poland these days is $1 per liter, so make it $3.8 - $4.5 /gal (depending which gallon :wink: )

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Hi all, A$0.95 a litre here in Perth Western Australia, that’s about 50 pence UK.
It goes up as the week progresses and down on Monday.

Pick it up on my way back from Santa Fe yesterday for $1.29 a US gallon

Saw $1.99 for a US gallon in Eugene Oregon the other day at a cut rate station. Major brands, Chevron, Shell, Exxon are more and credit card purchases about $.10 more. Chevron accepts Safeway discount points that can drop the price anywhere from $.10 to $.40 a gallon. But these days the my points are getting ahead of my fuel usage. At least here the attendant pumps it for you, a nice convenience.

I filled my old cars at 1.049 per litre for 98 Octane just recently. At the top of the price cycle (pre Covid) this fuel can nudge 2.00 per litre. Paul.