How much pedal travel are you seeing?

The clutch and brake pedals obviously have a bit it slack as you start to press them. Ignoring this take-up, how far does each move during operation?

Please state whether you’re running disc brakes up front or drums, and what difference a booster has on brake pedal travel.

Just a guess, from a loooong time ago: properly adjusted and taking into consideration head space/linkage slop, the pedal will travel down ~1"-2.5".

And the clutch generally goes to the floor.

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Clutch free travel about 3/4" and total about 4" which seems plenty to disengage. It would probably go more but I was doing this with my hand while holding the tape.
Brake free travel also about 3/4" and total about 3" to firm. I have the original drum brakes. Living in the flatlands of Illinois and not doing any track racing, I have not seen any need for a disc brakes conversion.
I set these when I first got the car driving, and don’t recall ever having to re-adjust either pedal.
I have the original pedals, have seen no need for trick conversions there either.
I have driven it about 11,000 miles in my term of ownership.


None since the travel bans started… :joy:

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