How to unstick a fuel solenoid valve

'87 XJ12, tested the fuel change over valve and it only opens for the left tank (default I believe)
Car had sat for a long time and I suspect its just stuck.
Does anyone had any success in cleaning/unsticking these valves?

I have tried many times to get stuck Series III XJ changeover and return solenoid valves to operate properly again with little or no success. This was particularly true with my parts cars that sat for a while. I removed and soaked the valved in injector cleaner and/or TECHRON, for weeks. I hit them with mallets. I applied 12V on and off many times while tapping them. If I was successful in getting them to work a little they were not reliable and stuck again shortly afterwards. After trying this numerous times unsuccessfully I am of the opinion that it is not worth trying. Others may have had different results.


You decide. Left is default. Continuity? Probably just stuck. Tap on a surface with 12v applied. Push a stick through.

Thanks Paul and David
I applied some throttle body cleaner and poked the plunger with a small rod and that freed it up!
Wasn’t keen on leaving the cleaner in there so I flushed it with WD40.
It didn’t take much to get it freed so I am hoping to have it work and save $100.

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And clean it very well before you re-install it, you don’t want rust and debris going into your fuel pump.
Also installing two inline fuel filters between the valve and the tanks is highly recommended.