Hub carrier wear

I am restoring a 1966 FHC and have a question.

The bearings in the fulcrum were left in the car way past their expiration date. The result is some uneven wear on one of the hub carriers. I’m not quite sure how bad this is.

The hub carrier with two green marks has even wear. On the other hub carrier you can see it is thinner at the bottom than at the top.

With new bearings am I within the margin of error or do I need a new hub carrier?


No part of the hub carrier is supposed to wear at all. Any wear would normally be in the roller bearings themselves.
So if the shaft has worn the aluminum casting, it would just be a question of how much it’s strength is compromised whether it is usable or not.

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Morning Angus,
My thought would depend on weather or not the bearing race was tight in the hub and judging by your impressive photos they probably are not. But if they are then I would be inclined to use the hubs. I had to replace a hub for a friend last year and I found it very difficult to procure a good used hub so you may want to keep that in mind too. JM2CW and worth about that much, good luck with your project.

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I have never used it but would something like Loctite 603 be appropriate here?

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Clive / LLynn - Thank you both. Actually the races were in very tight. I had to resort to a slide hammer puller to get them out.

If the races were tight enough to allow that extreme brinnelling, and go back in that tightly, the hub carriers can be reused.

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The bores may not be concentric with the bearing bore. I don’t remember if the through hole is cast or drilled. As others have said, if the races are tight in the casting you can reuse it. If not use your favorite race repair goop.

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I’m positive the hubs are machined where races and seals are fitted.

Check to spots where the races go are round and if you have a good interference fit go ahead and reuse the hubs.


I’m with Paul, if the bearings were tight to come out then I would happily reuse the hubs, now if it was the half shaft bearings that had spun/worn then you are looking at a replacement.

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I agree with Paul. A small amount of wear in the bore for the shaft is not going to cause failure, and in any event as had been pointed out it is quite possible that the hole and the bearing seats are not concentric anyway.

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