Hunting for Mk1 seals

I’m currently hunting for reasonably-priced rubber seals and channels. I think the biggest problem will be finding quarter lights seals at a good price.

But I found this source of Jag rubber (but not the quarter seals). Their pricing looks exciting !
Do You have any opinions regarding their products ?


Most of the trade get their seals from baines.

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How close in size are the MK1 to the MK2 QV windows?

I modified MK2 front seals for a 420G, as the height of the triangle is identical, (but I needed to cut two pieces out to compensate for a 420G QV window being smaller than a MK2)

I did this because others have had a lot of trouble fitting the allegedly correct seal

To sumarise, if MK1 QV windows are smaller, but have the same channel profile, MK2 items should be able to made to fit, I am satisfied with what I did.

Hopefully you can find a source, try Scotts Old Auto Rubber for m Australia.
He makes his own extrusions

edit…shows front and rear QV seal available…$A106 each isnt cheap, but $A has devalued significantly in recent times

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Worth a look.

here is part of the Scotts page for MK1

I used some seals from him and they were a good fit.

He does not offer QV seals for 420G/MKX , so I had to innovate (at the advice of another owner)

As I mentioned, he make his own seals, so is an external source independant of other suppliers

A very important seal is the one that stops rain water getting down the outside of the side windows, I did these too

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Thank You ! I think there’s little chance to get a better offer, maybe except this solution from years ago:

I decided to go Scott’s way. 1/4 of my salary, but heck - who knows how much time we have left :thinking:

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I keep looking at my dismounting pictures, but I fail to locate any outer seal for sliding windows:

QTR©, somebody on the list!

I cant tell from that pic, but the wiper seal between outside door, and outside window glass fits into a recess on the chrome strip (420G, S-type, XJ)

I looked at the MK1 Parts Manual and it seems to be shown

You will need to consult with other MK1 owners, but in all vehicles I have noticed, there is a seal that stops water entering into the door cavity from the outside.

Even though there are drain holes in the bottom of the door to allow moisture to escape. I would expect there should be some…I couldnt see them listed in Scotts Rubber supplies…I dont think its “Bailey Channel”…could be wrong…you can email the proprietor

I got mine for a 420G there, made as a continuous length, 1.8m, I cut them to size and they fit perfectly…lack of availability of these seals is a big issue, as every door I have seen has been rusted from inside out, due to insulation glued to inside of door.

My inside doors are completely covered in rust inhibitor

Hi, had a look at my mk1 -56 which is unrestored. It does not have any outer lower seals for the door glass, there is only the felt seal on the inside. Just like in the picture in the thread. The door bottoms has suffered quite bad from rust which could be a result of that design…

Parts catalogs mention early/late Mk1 breakpoint somewhere in the 1958.
Mine is Jan 1958, perhaps some seal was added later on.
Definitely the chrome strip has no lip, pocket or something to keep the supposed seal on the outside.

I also have no chrome rim on the rear windshield, while many pictures show one.
This makes me wonder what are the other subtle quirks among Mk1’s.