I assume this is somebody here… :-)

I think his name is Robert Knodt.
Has a website “Jaguar Preserve”

I am jealous of his workshop.

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I dunno Bernard, you would be a madman in there.
Mind you your shop always looked pretty tidy from what I recall.
Do you ever regret selling your XJ-S?
I still like using your website from time to time for reference.
I think what I most appreciated was you always assigned your logic before a repair or modification. That info is huge for people just getting into the XJ-S game.


I thought we KNOW how to handle the “overheating problem” on the XJS V-12s … ? :confused:

I would be interested in seeing the kit he said he was planning to have available. Not that I am looking to fix an overheating issue but just outta curiousity

“Do you ever regret selling your XJ-S?”

Sometimes. I believe most of the pleasure one gets from these cars is solving problems and working on them. Once my health became a factor I could no longer give the car the constant attention it deserved. Consequently, it sat for months, hardly driven.


Just curious - did you sell it to a fellow J-Ler? :confused:

No I did not. I guy flew down to Florida and drove it 1400 miles back to his home. He contacted me a couple of years later. Apparently he was getting divorced and was considering selling the car. I hope the car is still running and is being taken care of.