I.D. 4.2 e-type engine

I have a 4.2 engine apparently from an e-type. Engine number 7R8909-9. Is there a database that would have original car and transmission it was installed? Thanks. Bob

Well, a Heritage Certificate would state that, but you get that certificate only by supplying the car ID. Then there is xkedata.com, where you can search the database for your engine number or close to your engine number. Just be aware, not all were built in sequence. So just because two cars were built in sequence does not mean they have engine number in sequence. They can be off by a lot.

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The quick answer is its a series 2 E-type motor. Xkedata can narrow it down to close to a build date if its important to you.

This page narrows it down a bit:


I guess there is always the hope that you will be able to re-unite said engine with it’s original car. A happy scenario, whether you in it for a small profit or just some glory. If you get a hit on XKEData, it would be unusual but might happen. I’m pretty sure actual car ownership on XKEData is not public info but the administrator might release the info for a good cause.

Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificates are based on original factory data and controlled by folks in NJ. As noted, if you have the entire car, you can find out what number engine the car was built with, as well as other data like color, etc. I’ve never heard that you can go the other way. I guess it can’t hurt to ask.

Other than that, I’m not aware of any handy resources in this regard.

There was a story a few years ago of a guy with a very early car, whose original engine has been separated from the car. He was doing a routine check of Craigslist or similar and actually found his engine for sale. Needless to say, he bought it and was a very happy man.

Of interest to the OP, another Etype engine, a 3.8, just sold on BAT. After the auction concluded, someone with the tag NJRAMBLERS184 posted as follows:

To the winner: The engine was originally in Chassis No. 877075, an Opalescent Silver Blue Series 1 E-Type, built on 4/10/1962.

F. Hammond
Jaguar Land Rover NA Archives

So it reveals that the folks in NJ are willing to work backwards based on an engine number. Still doesn’t get you to the current cars owner (if there is one) but a step in the right direction.

Fred Hammond @NJRambler5184 of JLR Archives was very helpful to a forum member recently with a Heritage Certificate issue, so maybe he can help. Maybe the OP could PM him and ask?

I emailed Jaguar in NJ. I look forward to a response. The engine in question was in a 1963 MK2 that I purchased and is being restored. I replaced the 4.2 with a correct 3.4 engine. The 3.4 has a S/N that is close to the original. I doubt the car the 4.2 was in could be located. I would like to find a car of the same year and model that is without an engine. The MK2 was originally purchased in Belgium by a man in california. It is euro spec so it has the fog lights and amber turn signal lenses. I have rebuilt the engine, front crossmember/suspension, rear end and the metal work is completed. I upgraded with XJ6 calipers (bolt on) XJ6 BW66 transmission and a 3.8S crossmember with the Variomatic power steering. I will post the results when available. Thanks for the replies.

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