I’d numbers for Xk 150

Can anyone tell me the configuration of id numbers for a 1960 xk150dhc ie body number engine number vin etc
Thanks Andrew

What do you mean configuration? You can see them on the data plate…chassis number’s 82xxxx or 83xxxx engine number starting with V VA VS or VAS depends on engine body number Pxxxx

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Thanks Steve I’m trying to buy an xk150 from the us im in Uk but the guy is telling me the vin is
S 8304100N which I think is in correct by the research I have done could this be the body number? Is the chassis number stamped near the rear engine mounting do you know
Thanks for your help
Regards Andrew

Might be S 830410DN, which would indicate overdrive ( DN = de Normanville)

Hi Andrew…the S is for a Special epuipment model (SE) i think…here is a photo of my chassis number…its a rhd fhc 1960 next to the left side engine mount by the bellhouseing
Yes mine is DN(overdrive)… have you checked xkedata website the car is probably listed there

That’s great guys that’s alleviated my fears and put my mind at rest thanks for the information
Regards Andrew

I would do a bit more research…i cant find that number as a 1960 dhc…just posting a photo

Thanks Steve

Other members here will probably know more detail and may even know the car your interested in if you post more info…Steve

I second the recommendation to research the car further. Here is the XK Data listing for S830410DN:

XK Data - S830410DN - Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 information, articles, photos and register

Yes tbe original poster said a DHC where as that number is for an OTS… Steve

The car you are interested in is a silver coloured Roadster, and was built in May 1958.See if you can get the Body number and engine number so I can check to see if they fall into the same area as other roadsters in that time frame.
The body number is up on the firewall and visible when you open the hood, and is on the left side and should be covered in the same paint as the car it should be something like F 154?? and the engine number should start with a V and be around the 3800 to 3900.
It looks like it has an alternator and there are a few bits missing in the engine bay but the price is awesome at $49k buy it now.

Hi Morris I got the car its just landed in the UK its had a engine replacement think the number is KE 4790-8 THINK BUT NOT SURE IF ITS A 3.8 LITRE any advice
Thanks Andrew

That KE number is from a 3.4 liter Mark 1.
There will be a cast-in number on the right side indicating the size or cubic capacity.

You can check the number stamped with hand stamps on the boss where the oil filter is attached. Like this.
And on the front of the valley in the head, like this.
XK140 C head 007

Got that bob found the 3.5 casting and head number is V3908-8 its a gold coloured head is that of any significance?
Thanks for your help Andrew

Hi Andrew
The engine you have is a 3.4 from a. MK1 sedan. About 1957.
Just aft of the distributor on the block you will see an impression ( its protrudes) it will show 3 1/2 or 3.5 litres
Do you have the body number and chassis number you can give me,

A V number is from a 3.4 Liter XK150.
I believe the gold paint was normally only on straight port heads.