I have a Marles Varamatic PS box which leaks from rocker shaft

Marles Varamatic PS box on '68 Daimler V8 250 leaking from bottom of rocker shaft.
I have a diagram, but does anyone have a description to support drawing?
Can I replace the oil seal (29) with the box still in the car?

If you are speaking of the main seals above the Pitman Arm, the answer is yes

Remove Pitman Arm (not easy in situ)

Remove C-clip…also not easy from underneath…need good C-clip pliers

place dish under box, start car, turn wheel to max lock…the seals will get spat out, along with a lot of ATF

tape spline and replace seals…a Landrover seal kit will fit

Many thanks, didn’t think of the seal extraction method.
Great tip
Again Thanks

No joy with replacing seal above pitman arm, had to remove whole power steering unit from the car to apply puller to pitman arm, even then had to use blowtorch to heat arm to get it removed. New seal now fitted & ready to install back into car.