I know why they made amco bars now

Amco bar lover here. Meow

More like MEOUCH! How’d that happen?

They do have their purposes: that said, unfortunately, especially in the front, the effect of a slight tap on the AMCO bar, if it deforms bar, will almost assuredly deform the bonnet and bumper beads.

It takes more force than a ‘slight tap’ to deform those bars. Broken bones will happen to the ‘tapee’ to get the bonnet involved.

“Parking lot mishap” would be over 3 MPH with another car.

Just like steel-toed shoes and hardhats. Protection up to a certain point.

yuck… no thanks!!!

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I didn’t hit it. Just inched it near for a photo and to un-justify everyone’s hatred towards amco bars ahaha ,Good Morning everyone.

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That would be nice, if it were the truth: my E Type had the front AMCO bar slightly tapped to the point where it just bent the bar in, bumped the nose, deformed the bumper beads, and deformed the bonnet.

There were no “broken bones” to any of the occupants of the Jag, because I was 10 years old when it happened, and both dad and I walked away from the AMCO bar debacle with nary a scratch!

That’s why when I restored it, the bars went in the bin

I’m concerned with what got tapped to deform the bars over 2"? Tree? Other car? Wall? Daddy must’ve not realized where the front of the car really was.

What happens when your “bar-free” car meets any other solid object while just barely moving. $500 worth of ‘blend time’.

I’ll stick with protection-up-to-a-point.

Golly, that’s a bit presumptuous of you, isn’t it?

My dad was also a professional mechanic on E Types, and was quite aware of where the end of the bonnet was, thank you very much.

It’s from him I learned the saying, “where the horizon is, from the drivers seat, means there’s three feet out in front of that!”

For your information, if you care to hear it, it was the person who "backed into the front of the car* who was unaware of it,

I will accept your apology.

Ah, the missing piece.

My most profuse apologies.

How much damage to the perpetrator’s car?

(My dad started flipping cars as a pre-teen. And had a very successful auto trim business for 20+ years. But every-now-and-again, circumstances conspired to bend a panel on the car he was driving. A 1966 Pontiac 2+2 convertible couldn’t go more than a month before needing bodywork.)

Absolutely, AMCO bars were, and are, bad for an S1 E-Type. Wiggles is correct and anyone who continues to “un-justify” one’s hatred of AMCO bars is in for a rude awakening.

AMCO bars take the shunt (minor or not) and distribute it across the entire area. If only the left or right half was injured, with them the injury is now distributed all along the entire expanse. It’s not the AMCO bar you’re worried about it’s the bodywork of your S1 XKE since the entire “bumper” thing is vestigial and purely decorative (I suspect for American laws).

You’ll never convince me or Wiggles they are of any use - plus they take away from the beauty of the E-Type lines.


Steel toed shoes are ugly too.

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To each his own. I love the look of AMCO bars. When I was shopping for an E-Type in 1971, they were on my checklist. Plus, they make the perfect “bracket” for a custom rock chip guard. Just my .02.

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Tastes change. I’d bet back when these cars were new to their first owners, and Haan and MG Mitten were selling Amco Bars, as many people were installing them for the looks as were for any protection they offered.

Personally, I think they look good on a Series I. Not so good on a Series II and terrible on a Series III. YM, of course, MV.


Perhaps, perhaps, if they were painted matching body color…

I do not mind them on the rear but do not like them on the front at all. I left my rear one in place but the front had to come off soon after I bought it.

68 E-type FHC

To me they look like a gangly teenager who just walked out of the orthodontist with a full mouthful of braces and evening headgear. The smile will be lovely years from now when they’re removed, but while they’re on they spoil a beautiful face. :grinning:



Now that’s funny!

BTW, I’ve never had a negative comment about my Amco bars, but have had a bunch of positives for the rock chip guard.


Ahahaha you guys crack me up. Is ok though I understand I belong to a small minority of amco lovers that is ok with me.
I also put series 2 exhausts on a series 1. (Dodging arrows!) lol

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My series 1 came with S2 exhausts. I didn’t know that for a long time, and wondered why they didn’t look like other S1