I need help identifying an intake manifold (I know it isn't from an XK)

So, not certain it is even a Jag but hoping I could lean on the shared expertise and experience -

Looks like a mk IX to me. Are there ports on the bottom for auxiliary enrichment device (hisser) plumbing?

Look very close for a part number cast on it, ie C2198

All the Jag inlet manifolds I have seen have embossed part numbers

Also very similar to 3.4 Mk 1 if it has single input port on underside for ASC… Mk 2s used multiple (6?) ports.

Spot on - C12438 - looks like 4 hisser ports and it fits a variety of Jags - thanks everyone! FYI - doesn’t fit mine so another item to eliminate from inventory :wink:

Those are water ports. They mate to a water rail:


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