Icarsoft injector coding on x type

Has anybody had experience of coding injectors using an icarsoft cr pro or max, I’d hate to buy one and it doesn’t do the job.

Well you’ve got me, what do you mean by ‘coding’ injectors?

On a lot of engines when you replace injectors they have to be programmed to the vehicle. For this you need a diagnostic machine that is able to do this.

Not something I believe has to be done on the X type.
@motorcarman any thoughts?

It would be good news if that is so. I think I need to get a decent workshop manual.

I left the dealer in 2006 so I never worked on a 2008MY X400 but there is no info about configuring fuel injectors. (never heard anything like that)

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Hi guys,
just reading up in the Jaguar dealer training manual (diesel system diagnostics) and it states ‘WARNING. In service if an injector is replaced, it is then necessary to load the injector identification value into the ECM. This procedure MUST be carried out using WDS for any injectors that are replaced’. I assume that WDS is the dealer system.

We never had Diesels here in the U.S. so I know nothing about that.
Only the 2.5 and 3.0 V6 X400s.

So do you have a diesel or petrol engine?

My apologies, I should have made it clear. I have a diesel.

It’s possible to do this using the IDS/SDD software and a pass thru cable j2534/mongoose/vcx nano.
I got the software off eBay and loaded it on a cheap second hand windows 7 laptop. There are plenty of sellers of pass thru connectors on eBay.

Within the software you go in and enter the codes for the replacement injectors for each cylinder. It’s under service functions and gives you the choice of displaying the existing correction factors or setting them up.

I don’t know if you can do it with the aftermarket kit mentioned.