Identify this 5 speed “kit”?

Can anyone identify the maker of this Jaguar V12 5 speed conversion? I’m hoping someone might recognize the bellhousing.

A few years back I was gifted an engineless rust free XJ6C, along with all the metal, hinges, and bumpers to convert it to a Series I Daimler front end. Included was a new interior, and quite a collection of parts. Seemed the previous owner was a serious eBay trawler. Nice guy too and he was happy to see the albatross leaving.

The car was free. For $2k, he tossed in the Tremec and two pedal boxes. I didn’t like the drag racing clutch he had and wanted money for. I maybe have a flywheel, I can’t recall, there’s lots of boxes.

Anyway knowing who made the bellhousing might suggest this was a kit, or maybe it’s just a pile of bits. This winters project is to mechanically merge the XJ6C with an 83 XJS and get it running. Putting it together to see why is missing. Then the following spring take it apart again to paint and rebuild various bits (suspension etc).

Looks like a bellhousing (needs to be checked to be centerline concentric).

V12 Jaguar Bell Housing AFAIK these are not full “kits” but parts to do a DIY assemble. But then again a 5Speeds Bell would work with a DrivenMan Trans (afaik) if they were having trouble getting their steel batch made in a timely fashion. The Kiesler bellhousings (before the business was bought & turned in to the DrivenMan) were cast units with his name cast into them.

~Paul K.

That indeed appears to be what it is. Thank you for your help.

I guess the transmission is a 3550 not a T5. Farther I get from what everyone else does the more problems I will have :slight_smile: