Im going to try and record all the Jaguar / Daimler V12 in the worlds left running

would owners of Jaguar and Daimler V12 Series 1 2 3 VP or otherwise, please post a photo…mention the country its in, and the year model etc…Im trying to record every Series 1 2 3,and VP also Mark10 /420 left in the world, as a fact based report, and publish later

Here’s my X305 it is a 1995 model with over 350,000 kms on it. It lives on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, in Australia.

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1986 EU-Version (German market, LHD) XJ12 5.3H.E. Sovereign Series 3
In my care in The Netherlands since january 7th 2017
What has been done:

  • total body and interior restauration
  • new monroe shocks
  • rebuilt starter
  • rebuilt alternator
  • new cam cover gaskets
  • full engine service
  • new AC compressor with R134a adaption

V.I.N. ends with 007 :wink:

Purring and guzzling away nicely at 136,000 km’s and counting…

Check out

I will leave it to the experts to carry on with their registry of xj6 I’m trying to find all the V12s out there.maybe there’s no interest, but I thought it might be interesting to have a go thank you for the link Anthony (oscar)

You can help too, just mention it to everyone you know, put yours on the list too, I spent hours there looking at pictures and cars close to mine.

I uploaded my car on and then a whole bunch of foto’s.
The photo’s are not appearing as of yet…are they manually added by a moderator?

Don’t worry, took a week or two with both my cars. The owner adds them manually.